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Classroom is where we study, now it's on your phone.

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Document sharing

Take personal notes and documents and access shared material from the class
🤫 Deleted at the end of each school period, have an awesome vacation

Timetable sync

Plan your study. Keep in sync with the class. Get changes right in your schedule.
🤫 You'll always know how much longer to the end of a boring lecture

Chat & calls

Designed for a class. Academic or social messaging. Start a study group, or plan a surprise party.
🤫 No need to meet for discussions, or even class, running late is so 2019.

Better in every way

Phront will organise, remind, recommend and find stuff for you..

Ground control for your studies.

Overwhelming, much? Lets do the legwork, you will have the full resources of our AI assistant.

We hand you the material you need when you are stepping into lectures, research for notes for you to read for mid-terms or finals.


Running late is so 2019.

Hold your group discussions and catch lectures at the last minute.

But more importantly, let's talk about our mute button: —


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Classes created.

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Tour the school in VR

Walk around and Explore the school in 3D before applying. If you’re applying to a new school on Phront, you can tap on Street View on the map and see look around using your phone.Try it

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Put your admission operations on auto-pilot.Enrollment-as-a-Service offers an automated solution to help school admissions appear more accessible and make admission operations easier to manage.Big universities have been offering online applications for a number of years, but smaller colleges have been slower in adopting this strategy. The challenge for many institutions has been in meeting the need for a user-friendly application process at a low cost. The solution has arrived in the form of software solutions that leverage public cloud computing, our platform only requies the administrator to verify affiliation with the respective institution via email.Enrollment-as-a-Service has emerged in order to better manage the process of enrollment. It only requires two steps — step one is signing up for the service, and step two is setting the entry requirements for admission. Parents and students apply via the platform and the applications are filtered and communication is done automatically to notify applicants of their application status.EaaS will streamline the process of getting into a school for the parents by eliminating overcrowding and save precious time taken by trips to the office.

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How to enroll to a new school online

The process of enrolling to a new school is not always easy. But, thanks to online applications, it has become less of a headache, but applying to schools online appears confusing. This article will provide insights on how to make this easier.The first step to enrolling in a new school is figuring out what things you need to apply.And some of the next steps may be admitting yourself as a student, selecting your mode of study and gathering supporting documentation for academic and financial aid purposes.These days, the majority of students are enrolling to college or university for various study options. While that has opened up a gate of opportunity, they now have to go through application processes with their chosen schools. This paper is teaching people how to enroll through online application process.If you want to enroll in school successfully, do not forget about the essential tasks given below before ending your enrollment procedures.Discover the best schools for your requirements at and apply.

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Like a chat group for a messaging app, you can
1. Create a class
2. Share a link to your classmates.
3. Study on!.

Join Group Study Room F, we are preparing Annie a surprise birday party.

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